What Is #NoteToSelfie?

The world is not a bad place. People haven’t lost their minds. You are not alone when you’re lying awake at four in the morning wondering if anyone else shares—or needs—your thoughts.

Lately, all those things have been in doubt. There’s no reason to rehash the reasons that question the sanity of those perceptions. This isn’t the place for it.

This is the place and time to prove their truthfulness, their validity, their we-are-all-one-in-this-together declarations as we shake our collective fists at screens, both big and small.

This is #NoteToSelfie.

This is a reminder to yourself to keep doing that thing you do, a piece of advice to the next generation in the hope they’ll benefit from your mistakes, a message to the world that, while this has been eventful, you’ll take it from here.

This is watching someone break into a smile. This is the first hint of a tear. This is making the wrong side of the bed the right side of the bed. This is making one person’s day when they thought their day couldn’t be made.

#NoteToSelfie is in your hands, and here’s how to do it:

  1. Write a Note: Write what you want—your favorite piece of advice, what you’d tell your younger self, what you’d say to the world, what you’d wished you said when you had the chance—on whatever you have, whether it be a notecard, mirror, or a SFW body part.
  2. Take a Pic: Grab your note and take a selfie with it. Filters optional.
  3. Post It: Tag your pic with #NoteToSelfie and share it wherever you want; Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat—it’s all fair game. And if you need status suggestions, feel free to use these:
  • This is my #NoteToSelfie. Show me yours. www.notetoselfie.btcrevolutions.com
  • This is my #NoteToSelfie. Will you join me? www.notetoselfie.btcrevolutions.com
  • Listen up, world. This is my #NoteToSelfie. www.notetoselfie.btcrevolutions.com
  • If I could tell the young me only one thing, this is it. #NoteToSelfie
  • This challenge made me better but I hope others avoid it. #NoteToSelfie

You get the idea.

Then, join the conversation. Spread the word. Share, retweet, and like others’ #NoteToSelfie. Copy and paste this post to your own blog. Make this a movement, either personally or publicly or both. Also, more than one #NoteToSelfie is perfectly acceptable.

The world—both yours and ours—will thank you for it … even at four in the morning, and especially now.


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